Web adult dating has been used by singles for years, but in 2003 it kicked off as soon as ProxiDating was first launched. This new way of dating had accessed Bluetooth to help its users to find other individuals that were within 15 meters of them. This form of mobile dating actually did not do well, but that did not stop the mobile app dating community from moving on with new business. WEBDATE made themselves known once they announced their version of mobile app dating during the year 2004. While their users did not have a great experience and were less likely to use it because they didn’t have a smart phone; it was truly an amazing start for mobile dating.

The year of 2005, Webdate had 40,000 mobile app users and it seemed to continue to gain more members. It was not until the announcement of the IPHONE during the year 2007 that mobile app adult dating users were able to without a doubt experience the mobile dating apps of their most loved adult dating personals. Credit has been given due to that the IPHONE changed how the world looked at using the mobile app adult dating feature. It was not until 2010 when mobile adult dating surpassed internet adult dating. During 2012, the mobile app adult dating world witnessed a vast leap in demand in its users as tons of advanced cell phones like the Android became top ranking. From this point on mobile app adult dating will remain to increase and allow users a good adventure on hooking up with men and women.

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